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High wage growth dynamics and changing benefits - what are the current wage trends?

On July 11, Antal published the 11th edition of the Salary Report, indicating the level of remuneration for specialist and managerial positions. The average monthly remuneration of specialists and managers amounted to PLN 13,654 compared to PLN 12,768 in the 10th edition, which means an increase of 13% compared to the previous edition of the survey.

The year 2022 means new opportunities for both employees and employers. Over the last year, Antal's experts noted a very high dynamics of changes in wages and there is no indication that it will stabilize in the near future. The growing expectations of employees and candidates are influenced by the level of inflation, rising interest rates and the uncertain economic situation related to the war in Ukraine. Due to these factors, growth expectations are as high as 40% of current salaries.

Unanimity of employers - a year of pay rises in 2022

IT specialists and managers could count on the biggest increases in 2022 (an average of 34% more). With a gross result of PLN 18,843, they are - apart from the management staff - the best-paid employees in Poland and beyond. Senior management (an increase by 18%) - the average monthly remuneration in this group amounted to PLN 25,895 gross. Traders and marketers (increase by 29%) - their average gross salary is PLN 13,804. Finance and accounting representatives recorded an increase of 29%. This is one of the highest wage rates among the surveyed groups (next to sales and marketing).