Membership benefits

Polish-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce membership brings a number of benefits to member companies both when already having business activity or starting operations in Poland or Hungary. Below you can find some of the key benefits your business can enjoy:



  • become part of a valuable network both in Poland and Hungary

As a member company of the Polish-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, your company becomes a member of a group of companies operating in Polish and Hungarian business;

  • join Chamber's group of member companies

Thanks to membership, your company can become part of the Chamber's internal communication system, through which your company will have direct access to the registered group of member companies. With this service, we facilitate direct communication between companies operating in the Polish-Hungarian business community.

  • display the Chamber's logo in a way that indicates your status as a member company

The Polish-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce places great emphasis on branding. The Chamber logo may only be used by our member companies, which is regulated in the General Conditions. The member company logo will be made available to our members after signing the Declaration. Having signed the forms, member companies may use the logo "Member Company of the Polish-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce".

  • the Chamber's institutional and corporate network contributes to provide for reliable and up-to-date networking and effective advocacy for our member companies in Poland and Hungary



WITH MEMBERSHIP You will be regularly informed about our Chamber programs, in which your company can also be represented. The aim of the events is to create the widest possible opportunity for our member companies to exchange experiences, provide information and networking.

  • Member companies are invited to Chamber events
  • Invitation for presentation opportunities at Chamber events
  • Events in Poland and Hungary

The Chamber has a various range of events in both countries:

Thematic seminars and conferences:  regularly organised thematic events on specific professional topics such as taxation, human resources, investments and other issues of business environment in Poland and Hungary;

General Assembly: Member companies are invited to our General Assembly Meeting on an annual basis, which is the occasion to discuss current legislative and operative issues related to the Chamber. The General Assembly is also an excellent opportunity for networking, a reception is organized each time where other organisations and companies are invited as a guest.

  • Promoting member company events



  • Current economic and business information
  • Taxation, labour market and legal information
  • Newsletter with latest news on Polish-Hungarian business relations, with Chamber’s news and Member company news
  • Presentation of current and relevant information materials of member companies



  • Supporting the member companies in specific regulatory or legal matters

The institutional, regional, and corporate network enables the Polish-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce to provide support for member companies in specific regulatory or legal matters. Advocacy activities can be provided by the Chamber under certain conditions, details can be obtained from the Chamber’s Office:

  • Developing cooperation along themes in focus of Polish-Hungarian economic and business cooperation


We offer our member companies and cooperating partners several opportunities to appear and present themselves at our events and in publications. For further details, please ask for our sponsorship and advertising package:


Polish-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce provides business support for companies interested in business relations between the two countries, through its institutional and corporate networking capital and market experience. Our services include foreign market information, industry information, business networking, sales assistance, interpreting, translation, legal or tax advice. Please for further details on terms and conditions of our services package contact the Chamber’s Office:

A full summary of membership benefits can be downloaded at the following link: MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS.pdf

We are looking forward to welcoming You as a new member of the Chamber!


PLHUCC Membership - Sole Trader With No Employees

Jednoosobowa działalność gospodarcza bez pracowników 

Egyéni vállalkozó alkalmazottak nélkül

EUR 100 / 12 months
PLHUCC Membership - Micro Enterprise

Mikro przedsiębiorca


EUR 200 / 12 months
PLHUCC Membership - Small Enterprise

Mały przedsiębiorca


EUR 300 / 12 months
PLHUCC Membership - Medium Enterprise

Średni przedsiębiorca


EUR 500 / 12 months
PLHUCC Membership - Large Enterprise

Duży przedsiębiorca


EUR 1500 / 12 months