The Polish-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce is launching a Student Mentoring Program for students with a student status in a Hungarian higher education institution.

The Student Mentoring Program is an initiative intended for Hungarian students, which aims to provide information and develop their knowledge on the topic of economic and trade relations between Poland and Hungary, support them with practical knowledge during a study tour in Poland which shall facilitate them in networking with Polish and Hungarian business entities.

The project is organized by the Polish-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, with the grant support of the Wacław Felczak Foundation, and with the cooperation and support of our other institutional and business partners.

The Polish-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, which is a business organization for connecting business entities of Poland an Hungary, considers it a priority to share interdisciplinary knowledge and international experience. Within the framework of the Student Mentoring Program, students can participate in webinars that present current events in the Polish-Hungarian business life. The main goal of the Student Mentoring Program is to expand Hungarian students' knowledge, develop competence and skills, as well as it serves as a great opportunity to start an international career. We are confident that the program will provide a wonderful experience and a great opportunity for students to create a better future for themselves.

You can read more about the call for application in Hungarian here:





Polish – Hungarian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Erasmus+ in Kraków starts an internship program for Hungarian students from the city of Győr.  

Erasmus+ is an EU Initiative for students, lecturers and teachers which supports international training, education and sport. Governmental and non-governmental organizations are also welcomed to take part in this program. The main aim of Erasmus+ is to broaden student’s knowledge, improve the competence and skills, but also it is a great opportunity to start an international career. 

As an organization associating two countries we perfectly know how important an interdisciplinary knowledge and international experience is. Thanks to the multilingualism of our Chamber and the scope of its operation we are an exceptional place for the internship. In our Chamber students can learn more about what business and economy looks like in both Poland and Hungary. We believe that our apprenticeship program will be a great life experience and will be a great opportunity for students to create a better future for themselves. During the program such skills shall be developed like the ability to use formal English, expand communication with clients and also to learn more about the principles of the office work.  We trust that the knowledge and experiences which we want to convey will help to be more attractive in their future careers.

Development is also a key issue for the Chamber. Therefore, we are extremely pleased to host students and proud that they want to learn to compete the language barrier and become open-minded, stronger and well-read people. 





The Polish-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with member companies organizes the „Polish-Hungarian Business support Ukraine” initiative.

Hostilities led by Russia in Ukraine, immediate neighbour of Poland and Hungary, evoked a serious humanitarian crisis that is a challenge for the whole community in our part of Europe. Solidarity and humanitarian support for people affected by the war becomes a priority. That’s why the Polish-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, as a responsible participant of socioeconomic life in both our countries initiates a sustainable and long-lasting humanitarian aid programme, inviting its member companies to active participation.

Versatility and openness of the companies associated in the Chamber make it possible to organize various help for people in need. Polish and Hungarian businesses are working together for the common aim. Gedeon Richter, Blue Colibri, Hidrofilt, EuroAtlantic Business Consultancy, Mikulski Law Firm, Raben, Kecser Law Firm, Greentech Polska, Hungary Poland Legal, Tokaj Hétszőlő, Pentalingua and Barbiocean are the member companies of the Polish-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce who offered their support in form of financial assistance, in-kind donations, organization of recreation camp for children, as well as free-of-charge provision of services. The Chamber will coordinate the project and make sure that help is provided where it is needed most. The main motto of our organization is „Together we can do more”.

The first donation within our initiative took place in the end of March, when Barbiocean together with its Hungarian partner, Jopp Interior Hungary, handed over 20 thousand  protective, multiple-use masks to the Open Krakow Coalition.

We will inform you about the other donations in further communication.

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