Timea Balajcza

Timea Balajcza is the Managing Director of BALAJCZA Linguistic Services. She was born in Budapest and has lived in Poland for almost 25 years. She has double citizenship. She has higher economic education, obtained a master’s degree in finance and management in 1996. In Poland, she worked for 15 years for French corporations as a financial controller. In 2010, she founded BALAJCZA Linguistic Services, where she manages a team of 25 employees and a group of over 1500 translators, on a daily basis. BALAJCZA provides the following linguistic services: translation, interpreting, sworn translation, and language courses from all specialisations and in all the languages of the world, especially in Hungarian. Timea Balajcza speaks fluent Hungarian, Polish, English, and French. In her personal life, she is married and has three adult daughters.