06.2022_Monthly overview of industries in Poland

Monthly overview of the economic situation in industries

June 28, 2022

The Central Statistical Office presented a set of data describing the results of individual industries in the first five months of 2022.

Sold industrial production increased by 14.6% year on year. In May alone, production increased by 15.0% y / y.

In construction, the production sold in the fourth period was higher by 15.9% than in the previous year. In May, construction production increased by 13.0% y / y.


Employment and wages

According to the data from the Central Statistical Office on employment and wages in the entire enterprise sector, in the first five months of 2022 employment was 2.4% higher than in the previous year and amounted to an average of 6,477,000. people. In industry alone, employment increased by 1.4% (the average employment here averaged 2,767,000 people).

Employment in the period January-May (in annual terms) increased, among others in the following industries: warehousing and service activities supporting transport (by 18.3%), information and communication (by 11.0%), accommodation and catering (by 9.1%). The largest declines in employment affected such industries as: production of leather and leather goods (by 10.8%), production of clothing (by 6.4%) and mining of lignite and hard coal (by 5.7%).

The average salary in the enterprise sector in IV 2022 amounted to PLN 6,422 and was higher than in the corresponding period of the previous year by 12.6%.

Average wages increased in all industries analyzed by the Central Statistical Office. The strongest in land and pipeline transport (by 22.9%) and the weakest in the production of pharmaceutical products (by 3.0%).

Information and communication (PLN 11,170), production of coke and refined petroleum products (PLN 10,411) and mining of hard coal and lignite (PLN 10,044) are the industries with the highest levels of remuneration in April 2022. At the other end of the average wage table is clothing production - with wages of PLN 3,991.


Production and efficiency

In the period of January-May 2022, sold production of industry increased by 14.6% y / y (data for May show an increase by 15.0% y / y). Sales in construction increased by 15.9% y / y.

The largest increases in production were recorded in the extraction of hard coal and lignite (by 37.7% and the production and supply of electricity, gas, steam and hot water (by 32.5%). The decline in production occurred in two sectors: leather and leather goods production (by 6.3%) and the production of electrical devices (by 2.2%).

Productivity in the period January-May 2022 increased by an average of 13.0%. The highest increase was recorded in the case of hard coal and lignite mining (by 46.0%) and in the section of electricity, gas, steam and hot water generation and supply (by 35.5%). Efficiency fell in one industry - electrical appliances manufacturing - (by 6.6%).

Data on the activity of industries for the period of April 2022 show a further gradual decline in the growth rate, which as the crisis deepened caused by, among others, war in Ukraine, may even worsen.