We invite entrepreneurs to participate in a unique online event dedicated to employers, with the main goal of deepening knowledge in key areas concerning employees: taxes, accounting, human resources, and payroll. The Employer-Employee Forum serves as a platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences, aimed at facilitating business management and building more efficient processes.

We are pleased to announce that the Polish-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce is the Patron of this event.

The event will be held in Polish. Topics to be discussed during the sessions:

  • Employee Dismissals Step by Step - June 11, 2024 (Tuesday) at 10:00 AM: Unfortunately, employee dismissals are an integral part of business life and require proper knowledge and procedures to be carried out smoothly and legally. During the meeting, we will discuss what employee dismissals are and the key steps to take during the process. We will cover the formal and legal conditions, including internal consultation procedures, regulations, agreements, and notifications to the State Labour Inspectorate (PIP) and District Labour Offices (PUP). We will also address logistics and strategy, outplacement, and the risks for employers resulting from employee dismissals. Full agenda & registration:
  • Tax Issues of Remote Work, Hiring Foreigners, and Incentive Programs - June 19, 2024 (Wednesday) at 10:00 AM: In a dynamic business environment, understanding and properly managing tax issues related to remote work, hiring foreigners, and incentive programs is becoming increasingly important for companies and employers. These areas offer numerous benefits but also pose challenges that require careful analysis and appropriate approaches. Remote work opens new opportunities for recruiting talent from various locations, which can positively impact a company's competitiveness. At the same time, it involves tax settlements in different jurisdictions, requiring knowledge of regulations and procedures. Hiring foreigners can enrich the company with diverse perspectives and skills, but it involves additional administrative and tax obligations. It is crucial to understand visa procedures, work permit regulations, and tax settlement rules for foreign employees. Incentive programs are an excellent way to attract and retain top talent and effectively reward managerial staff, but their implementation must consider tax aspects to avoid unnecessary costs and complications. Full agenda & registration:
  • Business Travel as Employee Expenses in Company Costs - June 21, 2024 (Friday) at 10:00 AM: Companies send employees on business trips for various purposes, including attending conferences, training, business meetings, negotiations with contractors, or supervising project implementation. Business travel involves numerous expenses that can be covered by the company, and proper settlement of these costs is crucial to avoid mistakes and sanctions from tax authorities. We will discuss in detail the rules for settling domestic and international business trips, considering current tax regulations. Topics include the definition of a business trip, rules for determining the place of work and the start of the trip, rules for settling per diems, documentation and settlement of expenses, exchange rates used for settling business trips, and costs deductible for the employer. Full agenda and registration:

Detailed information about the event, speaker information, and a list of all partners can be found on the website: .

The event will be held in Polish.

Details of the event in Polish are available in the following document:

Zaproszenie Forum Pracodawca-Pracownik — Polish-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce.pdf

We cordially invite you to join us!