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New KATA tax system legislation in Hungary

The President of the Republic has signed Act XIII of 2022 on the Itemised Tax for Small Businesses on 18 July 2022, which significantly limits who can be subject to KATA tax regime. Among others, partnerships, limited partnerships, sole proprietorships and law firms fall out of the scope of KATA and must apply another tax scheme. Under the legislation, all businesses concerned must declare to the tax authorities by 25 September at the latest whether they meet the new conditions. Those who do not meet the conditions for KATA and do not opt for another form of taxation by the deadline will continue to be subject to the general rules for their form of business.

Companies can only refuel their vehicles at market prices

Only privately-owned vehicles, agricultural machinery, tractors and taxis will be able to get fuel at the price of HUF 480/litre fixed by the authorities, according to the newly published government's decree. Vehicles over 7.5 tonnes with Hungarian registration plates and vehicles with foreign registration plates can still be refuelled at market prices, and this also includes refuelling with petrol-cans as well.

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