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“(Do not) fake it till you make it” – new regulation of publishing consumer reviews

The Omnibus Directive introduced material changes to consumer protection laws across the EU and the new legislation has already been implemented in Hungary, too. One key change is the regulation of consumer reviews. If traders provide access to consumer reviews of products, they should inform consumers whether procedures are in place to ensure that the published reviews originate from consumers who have actually used or purchased the products, how the checks are made and provide clear information to consumers on how reviews are processed.

Websites associated with the air travel sector in the focus of the Hungarian Competition Authority

The Hungarian Competition Authority (“GVH”) has found that most of the websites of airlines operating in Hungary and ticket price comparison websites, distort consumers’ choices through unnoticed methods. The GVH provided recommendations to the operators of these websites and to consumers to comply with consumer protection regulations. GVH recommends businesses concerned to avoid urging messages, commercial practices, to present their choices in a way that is equally noticeable and clearly worded, and ensure that the information is transparent and easy to understand by structuring it appropriately.

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