Netvisor - New member company of PLHUCC

About Netvisor in brief

Partner in digital solutions and operations

Netvisor is a system integrator specializing in the design, development, implementation and support of IT and communications infrastructures, value-added IT and IoT service systems, and systems for their management, with innovation, research and development playing a dominant role. Netvisor has significant references in eight industries: banking, government, manufacturing and industry, telecommunications, energy, utilities, healthcare, transportation, and logistics. Its clients are large companies and state institutions operating IT systems that provide business-critical services.

Netvisor is a small-sized business founded in 1998. Since their business is based on high value-added work, more than 80% of their employees are electrical engineers, computer scientist, and programming mathematicians.

Netvisor delivers efficient, cost-effective, and future-proof IT systems that are optimally tailored to users' needs. Their systems for customers combine the hardware and software tools of the world's leading manufacturers and NETvisor’s self-developed products to provide the optimal solution to achieve their business goals. However, Netvisor also acts as an independent software developer for projects that do not have an economical off-the-shelf solution. Upon request, the created IT solutions are provided as a service.

Netvisor supports the entire lifecycle of ICT infrastructure development. Netvisor provides IT, telecommunications strategic consulting and system audits to its customers. Its activities also cover the strategic and implementation planning and implementation of complex IT systems, service provider, industrial and enterprise networks, and solutions supporting the efficient operation of these systems. Netvisor considers it its most important task to offer its customers solutions that help improve the reliability of their ICT infrastructure, the operational efficiency of their IT systems, and the quality of their IT services